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Intrams: The Try Outs

Intrams is almost here, can't wait but I seem don't have the mood for it lately. The Try outs I want to try is: Darts, Singing and Pop Jazz. I know a bit about darts and I like singing and dancing.  Things ain't gonna be pretty when try outs comes. What about school by the way? What about that? Need more things to write.


So, some week ago, I just got a hair cut... Now my hair is short... But my pals say that I suit short hair than longer ones... Well, better get used to it. Besides, it looks kinda comfy! ^^... But few teases as well... Angelo and Jasper thinks I look like Sharon Cuneta!!!!

Angelo & Jasper: ATE SHAWY!!!
Elmo: ...
Wuffie: SHUT UP!!!

Aslo, have many art sketchies of TAC, Naruto and more... Also... Halloween is almost here! Also... I may submit articles in Red Lily at the next issue... It's really hard but I'll try... GTG...


Exams yet Class are still Suspended

Yet... I've been studying so much, class are still suspended... Can't make any arts either... Uwah...



Today, I made a friend well, angry at me. STUPID, STUPID ME!!!!! ah, always so stupid, well yeah, that's why no one understands me. It's really my fault for being such a jerk (Again) I'm even traumatized into losing a friend or even getting into a fight it like this, if some guys are angry at me for something I did wrong for them, my insideness, I think I'm crying in the in the inside... That's well, unsual... I really want to say sorry so badly yet , I'm still traumatized at the moment again... crying... in the damn inside... I'll fill in again when I'm not traumatized anymore...


At last...

Alright... Weeks w/o internet again, well I want to internet at school, but I have no budget on that and also might get to my studies as well. Also, Exams are coming, I better study harder for it! Yes! ^^ 

Oh yes, TAC (The Angelic Crusaders), well is my new manga, with also the help of friends as well! ^^ Yay! Me and Nikki are already on the episodes, and we now have 11 members (2 boys, one of them is forced, bwehehe; kidding) Also, my comic in Red Lily is finish at last, now all I need is to print it and submit the diskette as well! ^^


What a jerk...

Argh, something happen in school today, my classmate well, he acted like a real jerk after English Class which is our last period, I really don't know what his problem is, all I said is "You know, you've change", hello, compliment is nice though, but in reply and in rage he said "Don't talk to me!" It was shocking yes... I really have no idea why he acted like that and also, he seem mad but I haven't did anything to him (Except hitting him on the knee because he teased me, yes he likes to make jokes), but what I think about is, he's a real jerk. He's nice to me since last week, we even switched our rosaries, well make that borrowed. He's even my groupmate in Science as well, tough luck eh?I don't know what the hell is his problem, but I know again, I'm not backstabbing him. I'm just saying the truth on what I think about him... I even thought he'd changed... Well, I think he'll be like that forever... I see him like a natural guy... (No, I don't like him even one bit... or have feelings for this dude... maybe...) I feel like scoldling him instead...

Also, I've been having a cold lately I guess, I've been coughing and sneezing... Brrrr, it's raining here as well... I wish it ends soon...



Okay, so in a week with no internet was a big deal.Or maybe so... Argh, it was hard thourgh the whole week, well... At least I did some nice remarks on my grades, they seem to improve. Oh man, I still need to think of a new comic for our school magazine, I'm also in charge of our personal subject, Filipino... Aw man, but I can do it! I CAN DO THIS!!! Hmm... So much to do in school... Might be so much activities as well... Hoo hum... Well, you can't simply skip it. YOu have to do it to achieve it. Like in some mottos, Try and Try til you Suceed! (^-^) Oh~ I likes the motto! ^^


More school days...

I finally got my hands on a Naruto Shippuden DVD now Volume 4. Only 13-17 Episodes... Dang, need to watch more, further more, I began reading some Naruto manga as well. (Heeeheee, spoilers. X3); still thinking of buying Death Note... Gah, I want one... >_<

Well, I've been busy for the past few days, I've been concentrate in school lately as well. Still haven't rented a locker yet even haven't elected our class officers in our class but we already made groupings, I'm group 4, (RT#4) so I better be not a jerk like I did last year; If I did become a jerk, I'd let them down, so I won't let that happen again! NEVER! As for now, I again focus on everything... Especially on the club though... I'm assigned as a comic artist! ^_^ Yay... So now I have more arts, homworks, quizzes and requirements to do!


Go Naruto Shippuden!!!

I'm inspired and I miss watching Naruto so much! ^_^ SO I decided to make fanarts of them, and also I'm starting to like SasuSaku (Sasuke and Sakura) so much! but I like SasuNaru as well... And Neji is my hero!!! ^^ I kinda like to watch Naruto Shippuden in DVD, still, I only get to watch eps. 1-16. T.T I'll have to wait for the other eps.!!!

Me: Alright! Can't wait for the next Naruto Shippuden eps.!!! Neji is so hot!
Nikki: Yeah... right... (Train's more cooler)
Me:  =3


2nd Year ain't so bad... right?

It's been some time updating in here, so from the start... June 13, first day of school, YAY! So many friends I met and seen again, Yay! Joshua is in my class! I'm so lucky!!!!... I even met this guy namely... his name is kinda long, so he said to call him" Elmo" instead; funny, reminds me of our pet dog naming Elmo but now dead. ;_; Okay... Even I met my old friend, better not mention her name because we had a fight...(She was so dramatic and it turns me off and is also annoying) and yet, YAY! Nikki!!! Heehee, I miss here over a passed 2 months of summer... And now, All of us are now 2nd Year... I hear its the most easiest highschool level in all 1st-4th Year... NOTHING CAN BE HARDER THAN THIS!!!! right???? ^^

Oh yes, I'll be trying to buy the "Death Note" notebook... I'd even be suspious to use it on someone... Mwehehe... >:3