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Hi Hi. I won't be using LJ for now. Please visit my blog! :3 http://www.tokionotebook.blogspot.com

Summer Rocks!

It's finally summer! Yayness! Ah, I can smell the sea breeze and feel the sand in my bare toes er... feet. Eheh... Uwah, I'm even gonna miss my friends and Art Circle while we're all separated. Oh well, but then I will keep in touch with them by calling them and even texting them. SOunds kinda annoying but I'll give some alone time as well. By that time, I'm in a Dance Workshop, yeah I'll learn some cool dance moves such as hip hop and ballroom! CHA! Well, that's all. I miss my friends a lot. I wish they were here, oh well... :3


A Gift for a friend

Last night, I was fixing my stuffies for school then I saw my jewelry box on the table. I just browse for a while until I saw my old necklace. It was a Kingdom Hearts necklace of a Heartless sign. It kinda reminds me of Vincent though. Today, I gave it to him as a gift. But first I surprised him. (Harharhar!!)

Wuffie: Close your eyes.
Crest: Okay.
Wuffie: Now, how many fingers am I holding?
Crest: Huh?
Wuffie: Look, give me your hand.
Crest: Okay.
Wuffie: Here. Open. Surprise. :3
Crest: WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????

He was in great shock...maybe surprised. As a friend, I should give him something special. Besides, he suits wearing a necklace. He thanks me a lot. Nah, it was nothing I say. He sure loves Kingdom Hearts. I'm glad to see him so happy again. ^^


No seatmate...

Our studio tour in ABS-CBN is almost here, problem is our transportation. Who to seat with... Hmmm... It seems I have no seat mate though. Nikki's with Claire, Liana's not a Media Watcher and Crest seems to have a seat mate but not so sure. If I don't find a seat mate soon, I might end up lonely on the bus during the freakin' trip. Oh my boredom... (-_-)


Why me?

Is it wrong to hangout with a guy friend that much? Many of my classmates keeps teasing me if he's my crush or something. Hell no. Me and Vince are just friends. FRIENDS! Do you hear me? F.R.I.E.N.D.S!!!!! Even my art circle keeps teasing me as well. *sigh* What's the deal, I just feel comfy to be with Vincent, but since my classmates think its bad hanging out with him, I feel so uncomfortable right now. It's like a wall or a barrier between me and him. Why do all the girls seems to dislike me? I always love poking and pulling Vince's cheeks; its a way of surprising him and saying hello in a friendly anime way. (Kukuku) But now... Because of there way of acting like that, I now feel unsure of what Vincent is thinking of me if I hangout with him. He might hate me or find me annoying... I just don't know what to do. I just want to help him because he is my friend. I won't abandon him. EVER.


Study Group Projects...

So many projects and reports to do lately. Even requirements and homeworks are needed as well. Through nights I feel so sleepy even thinking about them. So much...so hard... But I have to do it, how matter how many hours I have to spend. I'll still do it!


New Year 2008

Hello year 2008!! :3 Finally, it's here! New Year...  I don't know if this year is gonna change me or it may be sucky like last time.

New Years Resolutions
+Study Harder
+Not to lose focus
+Improve my studies
+Improve my drawing skills
+Act mature
+Control temper
+More diet and excercise
+Save More money


It's Christmas!!!! XD

Oh yeah! Christmas is here at last! >:3 It's a bit quiet, but later, we'll be having our Noche Buena! Yum~ Ham... ( ' w ' ) too bad we don't have any fruit  cake this year, but we have ribs! X3 oh well, Merry Christmas indeed.



The Desperadas (Younger version.!!!)

After the hard exams in Bio and Filipino... (Oh the horror), we had our Christmas Party! Yayness and boredness, I wish I could kill Jolo and Richard w/ my barehands for making me humiliate at the party! I hate them so much! XP But before the party, I had to run down to my friend's classroom to give them my presents. I baked them blueberry muffins, hopes they like it. 

Yay! Nicole, Clarissa and Alyanna gave me presents! Coolie! Uwah... Vincent didn't gave me any.. (T-T) It's okay, maybe next year... I'd give them all cookies next year though. :3

After the party, we stop by at our house. My friends are so scared of my pet doggies though.

Wuffie: -_-;;;

We went to SM north Edsa then, we stopped by at the Comic Alley, Comic Quest and Blue Magic! Oh, and we also saw one of our friends as well. ^^ After that, we went to a cafe for some smoothies. I treated them but I want to pick a cheap drink (Yes I'm cheap, I save money)

Wuffie: Okay, I have Php400. So pick any drinks you like, that's cheap.
Cla: Fine, I'll have the Cappucino.
Liana: This one looks okay.
Nikki: Triple Chocolate for me!!!!
Wuffie: WHAT!? That's 109 pesos!!!!
Nikki: EEhh... I want chocolate!!!!
Wuffie: Calculator?
Cla: That's 413...
Nikki: >:3
Liana: ^^;

We tire our feet off for 30 minutes because we're looking for a Photoshop to take pics. 

Wuffie: We there yet?
Liana: No... Are we there yet?
Nikki: Nope. Are there yet?
Cla: No... Are we there yet?
Wuffie: No... WAIT A SEC!?? Are we lost?

But we successfully found it and took our pics. But sadly, we have to go home... I walked Liana home by jeep and tricycle.

After the exciting day... I watched Battle-B Daman, bathe and now.. CHRISTMAS VACATION!!! YEAH!!! XD


Intrams: The Try Outs Part 2

I don't see why intrams is so important, I thinks it barely stupid... sigh...but, if we don't join any activities, we get to write a reaction paper. Do stupid... I wish they put back the dancing group, I think this year's intrams will suck...