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The Desperadas (Younger version.!!!)

After the hard exams in Bio and Filipino... (Oh the horror), we had our Christmas Party! Yayness and boredness, I wish I could kill Jolo and Richard w/ my barehands for making me humiliate at the party! I hate them so much! XP But before the party, I had to run down to my friend's classroom to give them my presents. I baked them blueberry muffins, hopes they like it. 

Yay! Nicole, Clarissa and Alyanna gave me presents! Coolie! Uwah... Vincent didn't gave me any.. (T-T) It's okay, maybe next year... I'd give them all cookies next year though. :3

After the party, we stop by at our house. My friends are so scared of my pet doggies though.

Wuffie: -_-;;;

We went to SM north Edsa then, we stopped by at the Comic Alley, Comic Quest and Blue Magic! Oh, and we also saw one of our friends as well. ^^ After that, we went to a cafe for some smoothies. I treated them but I want to pick a cheap drink (Yes I'm cheap, I save money)

Wuffie: Okay, I have Php400. So pick any drinks you like, that's cheap.
Cla: Fine, I'll have the Cappucino.
Liana: This one looks okay.
Nikki: Triple Chocolate for me!!!!
Wuffie: WHAT!? That's 109 pesos!!!!
Nikki: EEhh... I want chocolate!!!!
Wuffie: Calculator?
Cla: That's 413...
Nikki: >:3
Liana: ^^;

We tire our feet off for 30 minutes because we're looking for a Photoshop to take pics. 

Wuffie: We there yet?
Liana: No... Are we there yet?
Nikki: Nope. Are there yet?
Cla: No... Are we there yet?
Wuffie: No... WAIT A SEC!?? Are we lost?

But we successfully found it and took our pics. But sadly, we have to go home... I walked Liana home by jeep and tricycle.

After the exciting day... I watched Battle-B Daman, bathe and now.. CHRISTMAS VACATION!!! YEAH!!! XD



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